I Am HeartPicked

When I came into my parents’ lives we were a family. I am their child and they are my parents. Not their adoptive child or my adoptive parents. After my parents were not able to have children naturally, they discussed all their options and decided to adopt a child. Their process took less than one year. My adoption finalized in November 1984 when I was six-weeks old and we became a family. 

Adoption was explained to me when I was around five years old. My parents were very honest and showed me all of the paperwork on my adoption. I think it is very important for parents to be open and honest with their children about adoption from an early age. The impact on children who are kept in the dark or find out about their adoption later in life can have a lasting and negative impact through adulthood.


I had a closed adoption and have very little information on my birth family aside from their medical history and some physical characteristics. I had so many questions but no answers. For that reason, I internalized my adoption and kept a lot of things to myself. I think about my birth family all the time. Knowing that I have an entire family somewhere in the world that I have never met or even spoken to is very strange. I remember thinking I would try to find them when I turned 18. Then the years kept going by and I never did. I attribute that to my amazing family who has provided me a life beyond my wildest dreams.


At this point in my life, being 31 years old, I leave it up to God if it is in His plan for me to meet them. If I ever meet members of my birth family, I will thank them for giving me life and making the tough decision to place me up for adoption. I am forever grateful for their decision.


I recently published my first children’s book entitled, Heart Picked: Elizabeth’s Adoption Tale, which affirms love is that truly makes a family. My hope for this book is that it will serve as a resource for children to have a positive and confident outlook on being adopted.

Adoption should never be looked at as a negative but always with positivity. I am blessed to be part of the adoption community.

To learn more about my book, Heart Picked: Elizabeth’s Adoption Tale, please visit www.heaertpickedwithlove.com.